The Box Prices

Meat & Fish Boxes:    2 person - £47.00

                               4 person - £76.00

                               6 person - £106.00

Vegetarian Box:         2 person - £44.00

                               4 person - £64.00

                               6 person - £93.00

This project is a non-profit making exercise.  

For most items we have been able to negotiate wholesale prices due to the large quantity we are purchasing in a single delivery.  We have added a small mark-up to cover direct costs, e.g. hire of the village hall.   All the team's time has been given free.    All proceeds were retained by Hale & Redlynch Transition Group to fund future events.

Products from local "makers" were offered at what we believe was a fair price with no added margin so the proceeds went directly back to these local producers.