Pork Shoulder with Seasonal Vegetables


This is a quick and easy recipe to prepare and no great skills are required.  The recipe usually uses belly pork, but an unrolled shoulder works well, just try and bury the meat a bit into the vegetables.  If you want you can cook it at a lower temperature for longer, so the meat will start to disintegrate nicely.  Also it's quite forgiving time wise - it won't ruin if you put the pots on a bit later than expected, just turn the oven down if it looks nicely cooked.

If you really don't like the idea of fennel then don't use it, but because this cooks for a long time it really won't have a strong taste, and the onion, fennel and apple will all tend to melt together after the long cooking time.  An optional extra is to rub in some fennel seeds with the salt.

The amount of vegetables you use can be easily added to, just keep them reasonably equal in proportion. Be careful not to get any liquid over the rind - it won't crackle!