The Eat Local Challenge 2009

Eat Local Challenge: 3rd to 10th October 2009

Many of us like the idea of buying local food and supporting our local economy, but how many of us can afford the time and energy to source ingredients from a host of small producers instead of going to the supermarket? For the Eat Local Challenge at the start of October 2009 we attempted to make it easy for you!

The idea was to make it easy and enjoyable to plan, shop and cook your meals for a week using locally available seasonal ingredients. We brought together most of the ingredients you needed to cook two lunch and seven main meal recipes in the Local Food Box, which could be ordered in advance online, and collected at the Local Food Fair at Hale Village Hall on Saturday 3rd October 2009. 

Click here to see the recipes:    Meat & Fish Box Recipes             Vegetarian Box Recipes

There were two basic boxes, one containing meat and fish, the other vegetarian. Each was available in sizes for 2, 4 or 6 people. Additional items like bread, milk, pet food and breakfast cereals could be bought from local shops including the Woodfalls Post Office and Woodgreen Shop to supplement weekly requirements.

Click here to see what's in the boxes:    Meat & Fish Box               Vegetarian Box 

Click here for a list of Store-Cupboard Ingredients which you were needed to complete the recipes.

(The 40 boxes ordered were collected by customers on Saturday 3rd October.  If you are interested in being involved in a future similar event then please  create an account )